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Show Your A/C System Some Love this Valentine’s Day

While you’re out shopping for just the right “bling” or the perfect dozen red roses, you should consider purchasing an AC Today Annual Maintenance Agreement for your home’s or business’ AC System. Nothing says “I Love You” ‘quite like the pampering and “spa treatment” that our AC Today First Responders can deliver. With an annual …

AC System Warranty Explained

At AC Today, we’re continually asked to explain an AC System’s Factory Warranty and how do to keep it in effect. You have a newly-installed or recently-installed AC System – and the peace of mind that comes with it. You can rest easy knowing that our AC Today Installation Specialists have installed an AC System …

A/C System “Short Cycling”: What is it?

During these hot summer months as your home gets too warm, you can count on you’re A/C System to kick on until it cools your home down to the temperature set on your thermostat. Once the desired temperature is reached, your A/C System “cycles” off until the thermostat calls for cooling again, which starts the cycle …