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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality

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Did you know that your indoor air can be more harmful to breathe than the air outside? When an indoor air pollutant circulates and recirculates in your home air system, the health effects can be almost immediate.  

Common indoor air pollutants include:

  • Building materials such as pressed wood cabinetry, new flooring, upholstery or new carpeting.
  • Cleaning, personal, hobby products could leave dangerous fumes in the air.
  • Excess moisture could make your indoor air hazardous to breathe.
  • Central cooling and heating systems that don’t receive regular maintenance can be the source of indoor air pollutants such as mold or viruses.
  • Outdoor sources like outdoor air pollution, pesticides or radon.
AC Today... Not Tomorrow!

Symptoms of poor indoor air quality can differ depending on the health concerns of individuals in your home. Someone with no health issues may experience sinus irritation or increased coughing at home, however, family members with asthma and breathing issues will suffer significantly in air that contains dust or allergens. 

As part of our air quality services, we provide full duct cleaning and inspection, in addition to providing products you can count on to provide healthier, safer indoor air quality. An air quality test will determine whether you need air purification solutions at home.  

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