How Should You Landscape Around Your HVAC?

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Okay, we’ll admit it. Air conditioning units are reliable and extremely useful, but they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. This is why many homeowners rely on landscaping to improve the overall look of their outdoor area.


Although landscaping is a great idea, there are important guidelines to keep in mind so you don’t impede the function of your A/C. So before you pull out your gardening tools, here are some essential things to consider.


Choose Your Plants and Flowers Wisely 

Instead of choosing the plants you want to place around your unit solely on their looks, there are other factors to consider. For example, we recommend selecting plants with a slow growth rate, so you won’t have to trim them as often throughout the year. Also, avoid plants that create a lot of debris, such as petals and leaves. While they may look nice blowing in the wind, the debris can collect in and around your condenser.


Speaking of condensers, bees and wasps love to build nests inside condensing units. To keep this at a minimum, avoid placing pollinator plants like lavender and bee balm near your unit. Thorny plants like roses are also best kept away from your A/C. The thorns can be a nightmare for your HVAC technician during your next service appointment.


Provide Enough Space Around Your Unit


Although you may be tempted to camouflage your HVAC with greenery, this is ill-advised. A solid rule of thumb is to keep a minimum clearance of about 2 to 3 feet around the sides of your unit and at least 5 feet over the top. Over-crowding can prevent your HVAC from working properly, causing higher repair costs and even a reduction in the unit’s overall lifespan. Minimal clearance can also prevent your technician from easily accessing the unit.


Consider Investing in a Barrier

If you want to improve your home’s exterior appearance while protecting your HVAC unit, we have some great news! Installing a fence or barrier around your unit is a safe way to add character to your yard during landscaping. But as always, there are still some things to consider before installing your fence.


As we mentioned earlier, your unit needs plenty of space to breathe. To ensure optimal airflow, make sure your fence is several feet away from the unit. Also, choose weather-resistant and breathable material such as lattice-style fencing so air can circulate freely. However, no matter what style you choose, the fence or barrier must allow easy access to the unit.


The HVAC technicians at AC Today are happy to provide insight on how to properly landscape around your unit. We are also here to take care of your AC maintenance, repair, or installation in your Sarasota, FL home! Just give us a call at 941-751-2642 or schedule your appointment online.

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