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Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaner Ducts For a Cleaner Home

Have you ever looked inside your home’s ductwork? Experts at the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association say that if your ducts look dirty, they probably are dirty. 

Everyday we generate dust, dander, chemicals and other contaminants and indoor air pollutants within our homes. Your HVAC system then takes in these contaminants and pollutants, and recirculates them through your air five to seven times during the span of a day.

Slowly, this recirculation will lead to contaminants building up within your duct system. Soon, mold, bacteria, fungi and more can take up residence in your ductwork. These contaminants should be cleaned out before they negatively affect the breathing of vulnerable people in the house.

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Clean Ducts for Better Breathing

If you have anyone in the home with breathing problems, allergies or asthma, we recommend you get your ducts cleaned regularly to decrease the amount of irritants traveling through your home’s air system. If anyone in the home smokes or if there are multiple pets shedding hair and dander, you should clean your system even more frequently for those with breathing difficulties or autoimmune disorders. 

Dirty ducts don’t just affect air quality, they impede the flow of air through your system. This creates the need for your cooling or heating system to use more energy. Essentially, they make your heating or cooling system work harder for the same result. The Department of Energy estimates that families can reduce energy bills by 20% to 30% by doing regular HVAC maintenance, including air duct cleaning. 

To improve air quality for those with breathing issues and to run your HVAC more efficiently, you should have your air ducts cleaned regularly. Call AC Today at 941-751-2642 or contact us online today.

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