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Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Maintenance 

AC Today Will Service Your AC Unit Today

What’s the best reason to maintain your HVAC unit every 6 months?

  • Your AC Unit will last longer if you service it regularly.
  • You will enjoy lower power bills due to a more efficient air conditioner.
  • Regular maintenance will highlight any needed repairs before your system breaks down.

Additionally, most manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance service from a licensed company like AC Today to stay valid. Getting on a maintenance plan will ensure that you never get left holding the bill for a repair that should’ve been covered under warranty.

AC Today... Not Tomorrow!

How An AC Tune-Up Will Benefit You

For you, the most important benefit will be a more efficient, better working AC system that helps keep you cooler through the endless Florida summer. During your regular maintenance visit we will inspect and clean the moving parts of the unit, lubricate the moving parts, change the air filter and clean the condenser coil.

Not only will maintenance keep your system running at an optimal level of efficiency, but it will also help to identify any small problem before it becomes a much bigger, more costly problem with your unit. Call AC Today for regular maintenance today. 

For your AC maintenance needs, contact AC Today online or call 941-751-2642 right now.

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