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Do you suffer from allergies? Do your allergies worsen when you walk into a home or business? Well, that is usually an indication that there is microbial life living inside the air vents. Many people suffer from allergens such as pet dander, dust, mold, pollen, viruses, etc.; all of them being airborne. What if we said that there was a product that could kill over 99% of these airborne allergens? The answer is Ultraviolet Lighting. This concept has been proven by many studies that the effects from the frequencies within the ultraviolet light, kills the allergens.

I know you may be asking yourself, but what does that have to do with my home or business? Our company has special training and knowledge regarding this product. We understand the functionality and purpose of what the light is capable of doing for your home or business. Here at AC Today, we truly care about the well being of your Air Conditioner but also the allergens that are being stored in your system. Did you know that there are more allergens inside of your home than what is living in the environment outside of your home? This can surely be a scary thing to think about but with our expertise and experience, our technicians will provide you with the proper care.

Allergens are living organisms that survive by reproducing. The more that the organism reproduces, the larger the growth will become. For someone who has airborne allergies, this is a serious issue. Some individuals may experience serious cases to where their allergic reactions are so severe, they would instantly need emergency medical care. This scenario is the same for your home or business. When you walk into a building that has an overgrowth of allergens in the Air Conditioning system, it will become instantly noticeable. This is where the UV light provides significant results.

The purpose of an Ultraviolet light is to stop the reproduction process of the living organisms. If the organism can not reproduce, then it will eventually die. The light provides your home or business with a 99.9% germ free air system. The light is completely safe for all children as well as pets. Since the light is installed inside of your Air Conditioning system, it is only used for the purpose of killing microbes within the system. However, with the light itself, it can be dangerous if you handle it while hot or look directly at it. Since the frequencies in the UV light are so high, it will give your eyes a burning sensation when look directly at it. This is why a homeowner or business owner is not permitted to install or replace any bulbs. This would be taken care of by our technicians.

Many people have a misconception about how lights are able to kill microbes. The process of the light is simple. An installer will place the light to shine on an area in your air system that your central air would pass through. This is known as an airborne kill. The UV light then kills the organisms which provides you with clean air distributed throughout your home or business. Just like any type of lamp or light bulb, it will require maintenance or bulb replacing. Depending upon the type of bulb you have, the light will be inspected whenever you have your routine maintenance check on your air system.

We receive several questions concerning a musty odor or garbage smell in the home. If you have issues with these odors, it is best to consult us right away. We have different options that would be able to accommodate that issue. There are several types of UV lights that are available for your home or business. Although the UV light is to kill and eliminate allergens, there are also light systems that are able to eliminate odors. The causing issue from the odors are compounds. These Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs),are chemicals which produce an odor that was formed by the heating of a product. For instance, at room temperature, some meats, chemicals and even plants produce an odor that may be harmful to humans. These light systems will block the chemicals from forming and circulating around the home.

Contact an associate today from AC Today for more helpful information regarding Ultraviolet Lights. They are very beneficial in any building. Not only does it provide you with fresh clean air, but it will also give your family and/or customers a healthier air to breath. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Our goal is to ensure that your Air Conditioning system is providing you with the highest quality of air.