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What are your ducts? Your air ductwork system distributes air from your AC system throughout your home. The ability to take air in and out of your ducts is crucial for efficient cooling and heating as well as for humidity control and indoor air quality. 

Properly installed ductwork systems will regulate the temperature of your home and keep you and your family comfortable. Incorrect installation can cause problems that are often unseen by the homeowner. If aluminum tape or insulation is not properly installed, this can cause air leakage leading to poor air quality, excess moisture and possible failure of your system.

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AC Today will inspect, clean and install ductwork properly in your home to ensure your home cooling system can keep you in optimal comfort. 

Air Duct Inspection Service

To learn the condition of your ducts, have AC Today perform a duct inspection today. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your ducts to determine if you have kinks, tears or holes causing wasted energy, decreased air quality, or even vermin infestation.

Air Duct Cleaning Service

Your duct inspection will also determine if there is grimy buildup along the insides of your air ducts. If so, you’ll benefit greatly from our duct cleaning service. AC Today pays careful attention to detail, ensuring that your ductwork is thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage that will need later repairs. 

Not sure you need air duct service?

Some telltale signs your ducts need attention are:

  • Excess dust in your home
  • Whistling or rattling sounds coming from your vents
  • Uneven airflow throughout your home

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