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Keep Your Drain Lines Clear

Here at AC Today, we cannot stress enough the importance of Preventative Maintenance to your home’s AC System to stave off any expensive repairs or even more expensive damage to your home. A good example is a client who asked us to diagnose an AC System leak, which forced our client to file an insurance …

Let’s Talk Air Conditioning “Lingo”

In life, communication is very important, especially when you need to request a service call to repair your home’s AC System. As you attempt to describe your AC System issue to a technician or dispatcher, wouldn’t it be nice to speak the same language? Well, your friends at AC Today are here to help. Here …

Don’t Let Your AC System Take A Summer Vacation

The Summer Heat is almost upon us here in the Suncoast – it’s called the “Suncoast” for a reason. As you prepare your home for the inevitable barbecues and pool parties, now is a great time to prepare your home’s AC System for the looming Summer heat. In the same way that you change your …