Don’t Sweat AC Costs, with the Stress-Free Program!

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Is your old AC wheezing its last breaths? Instead of paying thousands upfront for a new system, consider the Stress-Free Program!

Here’s the deal:

With the Stress-Free program from FPL (Florida Power & Light Company) Home, you pay a monthly fee that covers everything – repairs, replacements, tune-ups, the works! If something breaks due to normal wear and tear, you pay nothing to fix it. Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

Again, one of the key benefits that truly sets this program apart is the comprehensive coverage for repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear – absolutely no additional costs. You pay one low monthly fee, and FPL Home handles any required repairs or even full system replacement at no extra charge. No expensive surprise bills, no years stuck with loan payments. The Stress-Free program has your back.

You’ll also get a new efficient AC unit installed upfront. FPL Home will install a brand new, high-efficiency central unit and smart thermostat upfront to maximize comfort and energy savings. Routine maintenance like annual tune-ups and filter changes are also included, so you never have to worry about skipping important service.

With the Stress-Free program, you can finally stop stressing over AC expenses. One convenient monthly payment takes care of your system now and for years to come. No games, no fine print – just quality service with comprehensive coverage.

And check this out…

If your current AC kicked the bucket, replacement could cost you:

That’s $7,300 out of your pocket!

But with the Stress-Free program, again, it’s all covered in your monthly fee.

So escape the heat and save your wallet. Breeze through home cooling and comfort, with FPL Home’s Stress-Free program. Your budget (and sweat levels) will thank you!

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