Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in your Home

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Improving air quality

When you hear the word “pollution,” you probably think of large industrial buildings or trucks with fumes. But what about the pollutants right inside your home that are affecting your overall indoor air quality? People spend most of their time at home (especially those who work from home), so you must take the proper steps to make the air you breathe as safe as possible.


If you have overlooked indoor air quality or air pollutants in your home, what better time than the new year to learn how to make your home safer? Here are some actionable steps you can take today to get your family on track to breathing in higher-quality air.


Change the Filters in your Home 

Air conditioning systems have a strenuous job, meaning they must be properly cared for. Over time, as the filters fight against air pollutants, they can stop doing their job. The first filter that needs to be changed is your A/C filter. Dirty filters can quickly wreak havoc on the indoor air quality of your home.


Also, make sure that you remember the other filters in your home that can cause air pollutants, such as vacuums, dryer machines, and even kitchen vents. These filters should be replaced every few months.


Keep your Furniture and Carpet Clean 

You would be surprised to see how many dirty particles and pollutants are trapped in rugs, carpets, and even furniture in your home. These items can trap dust and particles from your shoes and clothes. If you have pets, they can also leave behind particles, affecting indoor air quality.


Keep this issue at bay by regularly vacuuming and shampooing the carpets and rugs in your home!


Install an Air Purification System

Having an air purification system installed in your home can do wonders for indoor air quality. This can be especially helpful if you or your family have been experiencing poor air quality symptoms, such as respiratory issues, congestion, or severe allergy symptoms. These symptoms work to remove the pollutant sources and ventilate with clean air.


 Indoor air quality is so important, especially here in Sarasota, FL. It is officially 2023, and we want to make sure your home is safe this new year. When in doubt, call the professionals!


If you want to know how we can help improve the indoor air quality in your home, give us a call at 941-751-2642


Happy New Year from all of us at AC Today!

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