How to Stop the Thermostat Wars in Your Home

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thermostat wars

Do you constantly find yourself tip-toeing over to change the thermostat when no one is looking? If so, you might be in the midst of a thermostat war! While this may seem like a trivial inconvenience, this issue can turn your house into a combat zone.

Living in an environment with a pleasant temperature is a critical ingredient in the recipe for a comfortable home. It is difficult to unwind after a long day when you are freezing from the chilling temperatures in your home or sweltering because it feels unbearably hot.

So what do you do when you and the individuals in your home cannot agree on a thermostat setting? Here are three ways to put an end to the thermostat wars in your home, once and for all!

Invest in an HVAC Zoning System

An HVAC Zoning System is designed to divide your home into zones that can receive different amounts of heating and cooling. This system allows each person in your home to occupy the most suitable space for their temperature preferences. If you have several people living in your household, this may be the answer to all of your thermostat woes.

Swap your thermostat for a SMART Thermostat

If you are not ready to install a new HVAC system, purchasing a SMART Thermostat might be the trick. This option is especially ideal if you and your family are not typically all home at the same time. For example, if you are normally home working during the day while the kids are off at school. With a SMART Thermostat, you can set a schedule for the temperatures in your home. One of the best things about this solution is that most SMART Thermostats can be controlled through an app from your smartphone. Imagine that!

Add a space heater or fan to your home decor

This option is a simple but often overlooked fix for thermostat disagreements. If you are looking to save a few bucks, then listen up! If you realize that you spend most of the time in a room in your home, plugging in a space heater or floor fan could make all the difference. Space heaters and floor fans are also very space friendly, so you won’t need to allot a large amount of space to add them to your rooms. Also, depending on where you are in your home, you can use these devices with someone else in the room and not disturb them, making this a win-win.

If you are looking for more temporary solutions, try out simple hacks such as letting less or more natural light in or keeping a warm blanket nearby.

Remember that whatever solution you decide works best for you and your household, your thermostat war does not have to last forever. Solving this problem can get you and your family on track to a happier home and more comfortable living conditions!

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