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Question: What is my Evaporator Coil and why should I keep it clean?

Answer: Let’s define an Evaporator Coil: This is a key component to your “Air Handler” that is typically installed inside your home. The Air Handler includes an Evaporator Coil, a fan, a blower assembly and a few other components. As air from inside you home moves across the Evaporator Coil, refrigerant within the Coil absorbs the heat from the air and converts the refrigerant to gas. The air literally becomes cooler as the heat is absorbed. This is why the air feels cooler around your vents (also called “registers”). The heat is then transported to the Condensing Section (typically located outside your home).

An Evaporator Coil that is not regularly cleaned can become dirty, which could significantly diminish your AC System’s efficiency because airflow becomes increasingly restricted. This forces your AC System to run longer, leading to higher energy costs.

If the Evaporator Coil is neglected over an extended period of time, the refrigerant will be unable to evaporate due to insufficient airflow. This is not good. The Evaporator Coil will get so cold that will “make ice” and ultimately freeze. A frozen coil will cause your AC System to work too hard to the point of shutting itself down. At that point, you will have to wait until the Evaporator Coil literally thaws enough to resume operation. Not changing your filter every thirty (30) days or so can lead to the same issues.

Other consequences of freezing can include a cracked drain pain, drain pan overflow causing water damage, compressor failure and other issues that require repair – all while your house is hot.

It’s also a good idea to keep your Air Handler’s Blower Assembly clean and well-maintained. The Blower Assembly is what literally moves the air across the Evaporator Coil and distributes the cooled air throughout your home.

Should the Blower Assembly accumulate enough dirt or “growth” (similar to dust build-up on the fins of a ceiling fan), the Blower Assembly’s efficiency can be significantly reduced. You also don’t want dusty, contaminated air being distributed to the rooms of your home.

The best way to prevent Evaporator Coil damage or an impaired Blower Assembly is to contact an AC Today Maintenance Agreement specialist to have an ACT Today EMT evaluate your home’s AC System and present to you an AC Today Maintenance Agreement specifically tailored to you home. Not only will a Maintenance Agreement save you money in the long run, it will help you avoid unwanted downtime due to neglected components. Furthermore, AC Today Maintenance Agreement Clients have repair priority status in the event that an emergency repair or replacement is needed.

Let AC Today keep you ahead of any AC System failures with our award-winning customized Maintenance Agreement. Call us today for more information or stop by our headquarters to speak with our Maintenance Agreement Specialists!