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Question: There are so many Thermostats to choose from. Which Thermostat is right for Me?

Answer: Before you select a new Thermostat, you need to determine two things: Type of Air Conditioning System and Desired Features.

  1. Type of Air Conditioning System: This is very important. The type of Air Conditioning System installed in your home will dictate the type of Thermostat that you can install. Most Florida A/C Systems contain single stage heating and single stage cooling (“1 heat/1 cool”). If you have a Heat Pump, your system is a “reverse cycle” system and can heat and cool but can also feature a separate heating element for “emergency” heating (“2 heat/1 cool”). Be sure to ascertain your system’s model number and serial number and confirm the type of system via the manufacturer’s documentation or website. If you are unsure as to the type of system, call our ACT Team and we can point you in the right direction.
  2. Thermostat Features: As with many devices today, features are associated with cost. The more features you want, the more the Thermostat is likely to cost. Let’s look at Thermostat options from simple/less expensive to feature-rich/more expensive:
  • Non-Programmable: These are your basic, mercury-sensing thermostats that was the standard for decades. (You know, the round thermostat that you were forbidden from touching as a kid.) With this type of Thermostat, you manually set the target temperature and the Thermostat will cool/heat to that temperature until you manually change it. Pros: Simple, Inexpensive, Easy to Install. Cons: Manual, No flexibility, No remote access.
  • Programmable: These are the next step up in Thermostat design and features. You can “teach” the thermostat how to cool/heat your house by programming certain temperature thresholds for certain times of the day and days of the week. These Thermostats come in a wide range of features and costs. Pros: Flexibility, Limited remote access, “Set it and forget it”. Cons: Moderately Expensive, Can be challenging to install, Learning curve can be steep.
  • Smart Thermostat – These are latest evolution in Thermostat design. The advent of “smart” household devices led to the design of these Thermostats. “Smart Thermostats” typically feature touch screens, remote access via mobile device and WiFi. For example, you can access the thermostat settings from your mobile device to cool space when on your way home from work. Also, Smart Thermostats literally LEARN how to cool your space. A few examples are made by Honeywell and Nest. Pros: Flexibility, Broad Remote access, Numerous setting options. Cons: Fairly Expensive, Can be challenging to install, May require periodic firmware patches/updates, If part of a home network, this device may come under attack by hackers.

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