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Many people are skeptical when it comes to the mechanical aspect of mobile or manufactured homes. Is my mobile home big enough for a split system? Am I stuck with a package system? What size air conditioning system do I need? These questions are great to ask your local air conditioning company. At AC Today, we have experience installing air conditioning systems for mobile homes. Unlike standard residential homes, the air conditioning system for mobile homes are not the same. The air conditioning system is specifically designed to utilize the space within your mobile home. The larger the home, the larger unit you are able to have. However, if you have a smaller mobile home, you will need to adapt to a smaller unit.

As the population grows here in Florida, so does the amount of mobile home parks. Like many homes in Florida, you are likley to find furnished homes with an air conditioning system already in place. A brick an mortar home will have a system around the 3-5 ton range due to larger square footage. Our technicians will measure the exact size that is needed for the amount of space you have. There are also a few factors that contribute to the unit you may need. Our technician will assess the direction your home faces, the number of windows and visually see if you are in a shaded area. These factors may seem small for an untrained individual, but it is essential in deciding the size of the air conditioning system you need.

Many people seem to think that they could install a window unit to cool down the mobile home, this is not really recommended. Since mobile homes are longer than they are wide, a typical single wide home makes it harder to cool. You would need to have multiple window units placed around the entire home to cool down every room. This could cost you more than it would to maintain a central air conditioning system.

There are two main options that can be installed in a mobile home; a split system or a package unit. Both systems perform adequately in either setting. The main difference is the package unit will work more effectively at a high static pressure for smaller duct systems. Package units also take up no interior space in the home and we all could use more closet space, couldn’t we. Here are a couple descriptions for both types of air conditioning systems used in mobile homes.

“Package” HVAC System
A packaged HVAC system offers both cooling and heating performance, all from one unit. This type of system is primarily used within mobile or manufactured homes. Since there is virtually no room for ductwork or an air handler inside the home, the package unit is normally installed outside on top of the flat roof or on the ground. When you have a package unit, it is very important to have a professional air conditioning company to install or maintain the unit. If it is not installed properly, you may face serious issues in the future. That is why it is important to let AC Today handle your air conditioning system needs.

Split System
The word “Split” means that the system is divided into two main components; the indoor and outdoor system. The outdoor system is often referred to as the condenser or condensing unit. The indoor system is known as the furnace or air handler. The process is quite simple. The outdoor unit condenses/cools the refrigerant and then sends the refrigerant to the indoor unit. The evaporator coil then removes the heat from the air, resulting in the cool air that is being circulated throughout your home. Split systems are more beneficial for cooling down larger homes with a grater amount of ducts. For your mobile home, you want to ensure that you are not purchasing a larger unit than you need. This will only cause complications, such as a higher utility bill and improper dehumidification.

Like any type of air conditioning system, you are still recommended to follow all maintenance regulations. The size of your air conditioning system does not matter. Your system may have a smaller filter or smaller components, but you should still have a routine maintenance inspection. Remember, maintenance is good to prevent any unnecessary malfunctions that may happen. It is our job to ensure your air conditioning system is functioning properly. We would love for you to enjoy the cool air and comfort in your own home. For more information on our air conditioning systems for mobile homes, contact our office today.