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Effective marketing and advertising can build a business  and give an identity to your company. Whether you are a start up company or long standing household name, there is truth behind advertising in the air conditioning industry. Flashy store signs, bright logos on utility vehicles, and spam emails are a way to get someone’s attention. However, advertising can also do more harm than good. That’s when you should ask yourself, is this company providing effective marketing or feeding its’ ego?

Marketing and advertising lays the foundation for current and future success. As a customer, you want to feel like you are important to the company. Some might say, the more money spent on advertising is less money concentrated on customers.

AC Advertising

When advertising for awareness, a company will put their name in places where potential customers are more likely to find them. Catching a buyer’s attention can be difficult for the immediate action. For example, an air conditioning company. At AC Today, our busiest time of the year is Summer. That is when the hot days become bothersome if your air conditioning system malfunctions. That is because the homeowner is looking for immediate action. If it was cooler weather and the AC system wasn’t working properly, you might not be in a hurry to call.

When you want to hire a company, the first thing the average person does is research the company. The internet is not as forgiving as people think. There are numerous social websites that allow you to comment or leave reviews about your experience with that company. Whether it was good or bad, the internet will know. AC Today is proud to say that the majority of our customer database was received through word of mouth. The Bradenton and Sarasota areas, communicate very well together. Most people have either heard of our company or know someone who has used our services. By trusting the recommendations from current or previous customers, AC Today has grown into two great locations; Bradenton and Sarasota. These convenient locations allow our technicians to address immediate issues and scheduled appointments, without the long wait time in between.

How to Interpret Advertising

When you eliminate the bright signs and expensive advertising, it can still be difficult to read into a company. There are many ways you can research a company and get honest information. Not everyone is user friendly with internet so here are a few other ways you can find out more information about the company:

Newspaper Ads:
Believe it or not, many people still purchase the newspaper instead of relying on the internet. Look for companies that are directing their attention to the homeowner. It should state current specials, timeliness, certifications, etc. Sometimes, the bigger the ad is not always better. The content within the ad is what will tell you all about the company in only a few short words.

Vehicle Advertising:
Company logos should be easily readable. If you are struggling to see the name and contact number within the advertisement, there is probably an issue. AC Today keeps it simple and visible. Why add more clutter to look at while driving?

Company Website:
You can tell a lot about a company by reviewing their own website. People shop with their eyes and are compelled to look at everything on the page, all at once. If the website is cluttered with tons of information, how do you know where to begin? Poor quality websites have a large impact on customers and potential customers. Studies show that for the average person, it takes less than 10 seconds to make a decision based upon the look of something.

This topic could go either way, when it comes to advertising. A company could spend a lot of money donating to charities and funding community events, just to get the publicity. On the other hand, honest companies want to invest back into the community that has helped their business grow. Consider the source when doing your research.

Referral Programs:
Since word of mouth is important to a business, many offer referral programs to promote personal advertising. Check with your air conditioning company to see if there are referral credits or incentives for current customers who refer a friend.