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Keep Your Drain Lines Clear

Here at AC Today, we cannot stress enough the importance of Preventative Maintenance to your home’s AC System to stave off any expensive repairs or even more expensive damage to your home. A good example is a client who asked us to diagnose an AC System leak, which forced our client to file an insurance …

Split System vs Package Unit

What is the difference between a “Split” Air Conditioning System a “Package” System? In general terms a Central Air Conditioning System is manufactured in one of two ways: A “Split System” or a “Package Unit.” As you might imagine, there are material differences that separate the two types. A Split System is the more commonly-installed …

AC System Warranty Explained

At AC Today, we’re continually asked to explain an AC System’s Factory Warranty and how do to keep it in effect. You have a newly-installed or recently-installed AC System – and the peace of mind that comes with it. You can rest easy knowing that our AC Today Installation Specialists have installed an AC System …