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We all seem to have our “spring cleaning” routine that we follow every year. Maybe you will shampoo the carpets, clean or replace your window drapes. But what about your air conditioner? Cleaning your home’s ventilation system should be somewhere on your list. Now is the perfect time to get your air conditioner checked. Your spring maintenance check is very important. With Summer following Spring, the days are only going to get hotter. At AC Today, we want to ensure your system will handle the heat. Be prepared, not panicked.

One main thing you could do as a home owner would be to inspect your air ducts. Are you finding any dust or debris build-up? Are you noticing an odor when you turn on your air conditioner? This helpful information is beneficial for your air conditioning technician. When you have your spring maintenance check, your technician will be inspecting these issues. As soon as an issue arises, contact our office immediately. Don’t prolong the issue.

Odors are a sign of potentially harmful bacteria that may be harvesting inside your AC unit. Especially in Florida, there is a serious problem with black mold. Black mold is a toxic bacteria that is extremely harmful to the respiratory system. People young and elder can be seriously effected by this harmful type of mold. With having vulnerable immune systems, you want to take extreme caution in your home. Some side effects can lead to asthma and other breathing issues if inhaled for long periods of time. It is our job to eliminate the indoor pollution.

Once the issues are resolved, you can think about your future. Prevent bacteria growth by installing UV filters. We have an entire article dedicated to the product, Fresh Aire UV. This product is used to eliminate the bacteria living within the air we breath. These special lights sterilize the air which in return, provides you and your family fresh air. For more information about Fresh Aire products, see our Products page.

At AC Today, it is our goal to provide your home the best quality air possible. With our spring maintenance checks, our technicians can inspect your entire system. This will allow you and your air conditioner to withstand the hot days that are to come in this Florida weather. If you have not had your spring maintenance check, contact us today to schedule your appointment.