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The air you breathe should not be contaminated with odors, fumes, mold spores, and other harmful particles. AC Today has provided some Spring energy saving tips that can also help you with your indoor air quality. With the help of air filters, Spring maintenance, dehumidifiers and many other options, you can help eliminate the harmful pathogens living within the air of your home.

Allergies are a serious problem, especially when you have other respiratory issues. We all associate seasonal allergies with Springtime. However, many people who live with year-long allergies, battle these issues on a daily basis. Prescriptions and over the counter medications can help relieve many symptoms. Unfortunately, many of these medications are only a temporary fix to a much bigger issue within your home.

At AC Today, our job is to provide you with the highest quality air provided by your properly maintained air conditioning system. There are products we recommend that can help anyone who deals with any type of respiratory problem or year-long allergies. The two highly recommended products are the REMO HALO air purification system and the Fresh Aire UV Light. Consult with your air conditioning specialist to discuss which product will benefit your home.

Spring Energy Saving Tips

Fresh Aire UV Lights
Imagine a product installed within your air conditioning system that can sanitize and eliminate microorganisms to create better air quality. Fresh Aire UV lighting was designed to eliminate organisms living inside your a/c system. The UV light is so strong it disinfects facilities such as hospitals, schools, laboratories, and surgical equipment. As air passes over the light, it kills all living organisms, creating a cleaner and healthier air quality. The Fresh Aire UV light is installed directly into your air conditioning system. Since the light is highly dangerous to your eyes and skin, a professional AC company will install and replace the item. There is a Product page dedicated to this product that will provide more information.

A dehumidifier is a small appliance that removes humidity from a room. You may hear doctors advise you of getting one if you have allergies or respiratory issues. That is because this product removes the stuffiness in the form of condensation that may be in the air you are breathing. By eliminating those pollutants, your allergies and breathing can be controlled better. Indoor air quality can contain toxins, greater than the outside air. This is what triggers allergies and other respiratory issues. You can purchase a dehumidifier for personal use or whole-house systems, depending upon your personal preference.

Air Filters
HEPA filters are a great option for your home, especially during allergy season. This product will eliminate harmful pathogens causing allergies or asthma. Using a HEPA filter traps particles and debris through a fine mesh pattern. There are several types of air filters you can use. However, proper maintenance of these filters is what is most important. Changing your filter regularly will help you keep your indoor air quality under control. If your filter becomes dirty or clogged before you are due to change it, AC Today recommends that you call us for an inspection. This could be a potential issue our technician should look into.

House Cleaning
Spring time seems to be associated with house cleaning. That is because people are more susceptible to sickness and allergies. The term Spring cleaning is taking advantage of removing or trying to eliminate those issues. It is recommended that you should vacuum carpets and throw rugs, dust countertops and items on shelves. Dust and dander that accumulate on these items only add to the issue and create a more polluted indoor environment. Bedding is another household item to wash frequently. If you are affected by allergies, your dander covered sheets are probably not helping. By eliminating excessive clutter and doing your Spring cleaning, your indoor air quality should be well controlled.

Scented Items
As we all love candles and air fresheners, they are more harmful than helpful. The smell of warm apple pie or springtime flowers can perfume a home within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the residual chemicals from these common deodorizing products is what results in accidental poisonings. These harmful sprays have been scientifically proven to cause respiratory issues including fatigue, allergies, and even cancer, if inhaled over long periods of time. AC Today has numerous years of experience within the Air Conditioning filed and can first-hand explain to you the dangers of scented items. As small and senseless as it sounds, these items can cause “Black Soot Deposits”, (look for this article coming soon).