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Ever wonder why your air conditioning bills are so high? Have you tried different strategies to lower your bills? Living in Florida can take a toll on your air conditioning system. Everyone wants to walk into a nice, cool house after a long day at work. However, you could be the one that is causing your AC bills to rise and you may not even realize it. We all get caught up in the tornado of life and may forget to change our filters on a regular basis, this is the number one cause of higher than normal bill. Now that it’s cooling down here in Florida, maybe you’re opening your windows more…did you turn the A/C off when doing this?

There are many alternatives you can try to see if it lowers the cost of your electricity bill. A good recommendation is using ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are great for constant circulation. You will get the feeling of cool air from the constant movement of airflow. This can help you set your thermostat a few degrees higher and still feel comfortable. Another great idea is getting a tune-up on your air conditioning system. Living in Florida, maintenance checks are highly recommended. Your air conditioning technician will inform you of the proper maintenance schedule for your system.

Why Your Air Conditioning Bills May Rise.

Cooking Inside
Everyone loves the smell of a home cooked meal. Especially around the holidays. Who wouldn’t love the smell of a freshly baked apple pie? However, the aromas are not the only thing that your oven produces, HEAT is the other byproduct of using your oven. Your oven is designed to create heat to cook, bake, and broil, somtimes to temperatures as high as 500 degrees, this heat has to go somewhere. If you have been cooking all day, your kitchen will feel hotter than other rooms in your home. Your first instinct is to turn down the air conditioning thermostat, at the same time you should turn on your kitchen exhaust fan to extract some of the excess heat directly out of the kitchen. If possible, try grilling outside when it is cooler to help reduce your oven use. The above options will certainly help reduce heating up your home and potentially help lower your bills.

Almost everyone has a job that they work at atleast eight hours a day. This means your home is dormant for that period of time. People normally leave their air conditioning setting on the same temperature all day, thinking it might save them money. This is an urban legend, which is false. It takes a lot of energy for your air conditioning system to maintain a certain temperature all day, because, the outside air is significantly higher during the day. This will cause your air conditioning system to work harder, which will raise your bills. AC Today recommends a programmable thermostat, You can program the temperatures to set back a couple of degrees, at times that no one is home. By doing this, you are not constantly adjusting the settings when you get home or leaving them the same all day.

Windows and Blinds
Natural sunlight can set the mood in your home. By opening your windows and blinds, you are creating a peaceful glow in every room. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Depending upon which direction your window faces, the heat index will change. The windows that directly face the sun, will produce higher temperatures than the shaded ones. If you are not home all day, keep it cool by closing the windows and blinds. While you are at home, try opening the blinds that are opposite of direct sunlight. This will minimize the heat coming from the windows and also create a cooler feeling around your home.

Drying Clothes
Many homes come equipped with a laundry room on the interior of the home. Normally, it is located in its own utility room, hopefully this room has doors to seal off the noise and heat transfer to the rest of the home. Something else you may not realize is that a partially clogged drier vent can severely increase utility room temperature. Check with your air conditioning technician to ensure that your drier vent is clean, if not the temperatures in you utility room can get excessively high, not to mention it can be a potential fire hazard. Also, be sure to close the door, as this will keep the heat from circulating around your home.

This is a subject that can be easily overlooked. The lighting in your home can be a serious problem. If you like constant lighting, we recommend you inspect your bulbs. The lights create a large amount of heat. If you have numerous can lights in your kitchen, your kitchen area will feel warmer than other rooms. That is because of the heat from the bulbs. Try upgrading to a more energy-efficient bulb such as LED’s or other Compact Fluorescent Lights.