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As a culture, people have become obsessed with creating a scent to their liking. Everyone would love to walk into a home or business and be greeted with a nice smelling odor. It creates the first impression of your visit. We have all been told in commercials and radio advertisements that your laundry needs to smell fresh, your trash cans harbor nasty odors and your vehicle holds stinky odors. How to fix those problems? Air Fresheners! To combat those daily odors, we are given choices ranging from chemical sprays, scented candles, car scents and even diffusers you plug into your wall or vehicle socket. They are advertised to eliminate, cover or get rid of unwanted odors and replace them with fresh scents of your choice. The smell of apple spice and flowers will sure please the nose of many people. However, those air fresheners aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Hazardous Air Fresheners

Despite the wondrous pictures of blooming flowers or luscious meadow scenes on the packages, many air fresheners are far from creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home. They may be the cause of many harmful reactions. When you think of an air freshener, you think of covering up a smell. The idea of “fresh scented air” eliminates the underlying odor issue sure sounds good. Though some products work effectively, others are just dispersing toxins into your home. Many people have respiratory issues which can cause an immediate reaction to certain fragrances or scents. With the accumulation of chemical build up, frequently used air fresheners can cause adverse reactions with prolonged exposure.

Phthalates are synthetic preservatives that are found in many household items. These items include air fresheners, children’s toys, nail polish, and more. This dangerous preservative can alter the hormone levels within the body. This includes reproductive systems, development issues and brain defects. If you thought regular air fresheners were bad, you may want to take a second look at your products. Unlike most ingredients on the labels, phthalates are not required to be listed on the ingredients label. To make matters worse, just spraying chemicals into the air can cause health issues. When you feel little droplets of air freshener fall on your skin, your body is absorbing all the hazardous toxins. Many people can have an immediate allergic reaction if that happens. Check the labels and try alternatives to conventional air fresheners.

Alternatives For Hazardous Air Fresheners

Fresh-Aire UV
UV lights have been the answer in many residential homes and commercial facilities. Fresh-Aire UV has created activated carbon air purifiers that are installed directly in the central air system. This product helps people who experience allergies, have respiratory issues including asthma, and more. The ultraviolet light kills and disinfects the air as it passes over the UV light. Imagine your home or business smelling fresh without having to use harmful air fresheners to liven up the air. With purification products, you are not only eliminating odors and gases, but it is stopping the process or reproducing organisms that live within the air. This results in killing the organisms. Commercial businesses use this product to sterilize and sanitize rooms such as hospital settings, laboratories, schools, factories handling foods, etc. Don’t let your home or business contain more organisms inside than there are outside.

When you want to get rid of odors and gases this is a recommended product. Since 1985, RGF created and produced numerous award-winning purification products. Over the years, these products have become powerful environmental health solutions. Many people who smoke in their homes, have pets, use cleaning chemicals, etc., can contain many hazardous toxins within the home. This product is designed eliminate 99% of viruses, mold, mildew and bacteria. It is also clinically shown to eliminate 85% of odors and gases within the home. The REME HALO is installed directly in the air conditioning unit. The EPA has suggested that about 10% of upper respiratory infections, common colds and flus are caused by outdoor air pathogens. That means that a large 90% of respiratory illnesses come from within the indoor air we breathe. That is why the REME HALO is used before spraying hazardous air fresheners. We believe in creating a cleaner air to breathe before covering up odors with fragrant chemicals.

Ditch the sprays and bring the plants indoors. While plants will not eliminate household odors such as garbage, cigarette smoke and smelly shoes, plants can naturally eliminate unwanted odors such as formaldehyde. Certain plants, trees, and bushes have a special feature of its own. Plants convert air vapor into food for itself. The air is cleansed and the plant is fed. This is a great situation for a household of small children. Particles and residue from air fresheners left behind can create millions of droplets around your home. Even though they disappear on the surface, those chemicals are dormant on the item it landed on. Until someone cleans that area, hazardous chemicals are waiting to be picked up and passed around. Plants will suck in those harmful particles and use it as food. You can place the plants anywhere around your home or business.

Homemade Potpourri
You can find many DIY diffusers and air fresheners to create at home. Homemade potpourri is a common go-to. With many recipes on the internet, it does not take much to create a fragrant aroma throughout your home or business. In the season of fall, many homeowners will heat cinnamon sticks and apples on their stove top to create an earthy aroma. Try searching for ideas or create your own recipe to provide your home or business with natural aromas.

Breathing air is a natural thing to do. Your body requires oxygen to stay alive. The air we consume should be healthy, sterile and free of chemicals. It doesn’t take long to reconsider the household products we use to create a nice smelling home. However, there are many alternatives to air fresheners. Ditch the chemicals and deodorize your home or business naturally. There are several products recommended by the EPA that can eliminate and sterilize the air within your home or business. Those products are easy to install with very little maintenance. Talk with your air conditioning specialist today for more information on how we can provide you with healthier air to breathe.