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Air Conditioning Recommendations

We all know how hot it can be in our lovely Florida weather. Playing outside with your kids or working in the yard seems to be must during the summer. But don’t you want to go inside your home and feel some great cold air blowing from your AC system? There are a few tricks and tips that could really help your home keep all the cool air inside.

1. Keep your blinds closed.
If you are not looking out the window, we recommend you closing all the blinds in your home. There are a lot of heat waves and sunlight that comes from the windows that you may not even know. But on a hot day, if you walk by your sliding glass door or window, you could feel the heat coming off of it. That is going to make your Air Conditioning system work a little harder to keep your home cool.

2. Fans are very beneficial.
For the days that are almost unbearable, a fan could do the trick to cool you off. Even if you have your AC unit running cold, you need to have air circulating around your home. By having air blowing towards your direction, it is going to make you feel like the air is colder than what it really is.

3. Take advantage of cooler nights.
Every now and then, our Florida night can be pretty nice. This is when you can take advantage of opening your windows. By having the outside air circulate with the air inside your home, it can create a nice cool breeze all together. This will help you sit peacefully in your home as well as sleep.

4. Update your thermostat.
With the help of a thermostat, you can control the temperature in your home. If you are constantly changing the degrees, you will end up having a rather large electric bill. By maintaining a consistent degree, your home will be able to remain cool for longer periods of time as well as not cost you so much money.