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What makes an Air conditioning system, a system, are both the mechanical components AND the ductwork. Frequently times the ductwork will get disregarded when the mechanical components are changed. The size and condition of the duct system can adversely have an effect on the performance of the brand new, higher effectiveness, a/c unit you’ve installed. Elder a/c units move less air through smaller air handlers, coils and ducts, which can have have been effective for years but will cause havoc on a brand new unit. The brand new high efficiency units we now have to place in, per The Florida Energy Efficiency Code, require MORE airflow than your old system. Let’s say you’ve got a pleasant new a/c unit set up and leave in the old small ductwork in your house, more than a few things will occur to decrease the life and efficiency of the brand new system: The efficiency of this unit is not going to be achieved since the unit can not move the appropriate quantity of air it had been designed for. Why buy a brand new, high efficiency, a/c system if you’re not getting what you paid for?

The compressor may fail prematurely. Consider what would happen in the event you covered up 1/2 the radiator inside your car and drove around town on a very hot day, the engine would overheat. That is basically what would happen towards the compressor with reduced airflow because of undersized ducts

Your blower motor is going to be overworked attempting to move the right amount of air through ducts that aren’t designed to handle it. This will definitely decrease the lifespan of the blower motor. The air handling unit may sweat if in an unconditioned space (garage, attic) because too much of the cold, conditioned air is trapped within the handler. Your utility bill may very well increase rather than decrease since the unit is going to be running excessive, trying to accomplish the specified temperature inside your home. The Air handler could be very noisy as a result of much higher air velocities. The unit may freeze up because of the evaporator coil temperature dropping below the freezing point of water/condensation, again, this is because of insufficient airflow. The unit will be unable to dehumidify properly, making your house a humid and clammy environment.

Leaking ductwork also can cause several problems if not addressed. Most duct systems can be found inside your attic or basement, neither place we spend much time. In case your ducts are leaking, you’re essentially heating and air conditioning these spaces for no reason and wasting a great deal of money. Ducts leaking in an attic also can form condensation which sometimes cause mold growth and drywall damage. The Florida Energy Code has recognized this problem and now requires the joints within the ductwork be sealed anytime a brand new a/c system in installed.

Please don’t let your air conditioning contractor overlook the importance of the duct system when installing a brand new air conditioning system.