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There are many similarities that residential and business owners have, rodents and pests made the top of the list. Pesky pests are not only a problem, but a nuisance as well. Having to maintain your air conditioning system is one thing and having to pest proof your system is another. Termites, lizards, snakes and even racoons can damage or destroy the structure of your home and system. Pest control companies do a good job of ridding unwanted creatures. However, it can be difficult to remove animals that have taken over your air conditioning system and called it home.

AC Today has seen a number of jobs where animals, creatures and other inhabitants have taken home to your air conditioner. Ignoring them is not the answer as it could cause potential harm and even escalate potential issues. From corrossion to health issues, it is wise to remove the nuisance before unwanted expenses arise. Your air conditioning system is a vital part of your home or business, and AC Today will be sure to pest proof it the proper way.

Tips To Pest Proof Your AC

Pests can enter a home or business in many ways. From the cracks in the wall, to burrowing animals, we want to pest proof your system. Sometimes it is the poor condition of your HVAC components that creates the right opportunity for unwanted pests to enter. When you pest proof your air conditioner, you can minimize potential issues. Here are a few tips on how to pest proof your AC.

Seal Air DuctsIn the Florida heat, critters and other animals want to get out of the direct sunlight. That is when they find shelter. Why not climb inside an air duct and stay protected? The potential is there, but the access should not be. Cracks, holes and gaps will be a sufficient way in. It is best to repair them immediately to be sure nothing gets inside.

Flue and Vent CoversCirculation is key when it comes to airflow within your home or business. Having flues and vents help keep air circulating and prevent your dwelling from carbon monoxide poisoning. However, exterior vents like an attic vent, make great nesting areas and secret hideouts for rodents and other small critters. Having the proper seal will not only save you money on cooling and heating, but also prevent your AC from becoming an infestation of critters.

Regular AC MaintenanceHaving a regular maintenance schedule is important. That is the time where AC Today can inspect your system and areas around it. Your inside and outside units are very important to keep clear of debris. A way to minimize infestations is to clear the area around your system. Not only will this help your system, but reduce the amount of critters hanging around.

Why Pest Proof Is Best

DamagePests and other animals can cause damage to the system, home or business. Imagine termites eating away at your home and think about your AC system. What can happen to it? Pests love a remote place to call home, which leads to colonies and infestations. Whether it be bees, snakes, lizards or other animals, creating a pest proof system can help minimize the takeover. Inside your system, critters and animals can eat through ductwork, urinate on components and even chew on the electrical wires. All issues are significant when it comes to replacing or repairing your system.

Health HazardsWith your outdoor system wide open, it can be susceptible to potential health hazards. Lizards, snakes, frogs and other animals seem to be attracted to the outdoor AC system. The accumulation of animal urine, feces and animal hair can cause health issues when inhaled. Having odors, allergens and other pesticides can be harmful and can affect the air quality within your home. During a routine maintenance inspection, our technicians inspect and clean the debris off of your AC components. Don’t let an infestation compromise your air quality. Pest proof your home today.