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Being a Florida AC company, we get several questions regarding the Florida weather and how it effects your Air Conditioning system. Our answers always seem to be the same regarding these issues. Air Conditioners have a lower life expectancy here due to multiple factors that can cause damage to your AC system. Florida is a state that is constantly hot and humid. These weather conditions can add stress to your unit. While trying to keep your home cool, your system is being forced to work harder to keep the temperatures at a comfortable setting.

If you have just purchased your home or recently moved here, the first thing you want to do is call your local AC company. We will be able to inspect your entire AC system and inform you of the issues that you may be dealing with. Our technicians are here to help you make professional decisions on what is best for both you and your home. You must consider that if the AC system is not brand new, issues may arise if it was not well maintained. With our programs that we offer, we can maintain and service your entire system for one low price. Don’t let the heat beat you.