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At AC Today, we cannot stress enough the importance of PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE on your home’s AC System to stave off any expensive repairs or even more expensive damage to your home.

Recently, we were called in by a new client to troubleshoot an AC System leak that caused our client to file an insurance claim due to the damage to their walls and flooring. After our AC Today First Responder analyzed the AC System, it was clear that a condensate drain line was clogged and the water had nowhere to go but overflow out of the Air Handler’s drain pan and into our client’s closet, bedroom and hallway.

As we described here, your Air Handler is a key component of your AC System. As your Air Handler removes heat from the air (effectively creating “cool” air), moisture is created on the evaporator coil and it descends into the evaporator drain pan. The moisture is then carried outside of the home via a drain line, typically a pipe made of PVC. Since the moisture travels at a slow pace, clogs can occur as algae forms. The drain line needs to be cleaned either by forcing air through the pipe or using a vacuum to pull the clogs out.

Our client was forced to hire a water mitigation company to the tune of nearly $4,000.00 and our client had to file an insurance claim. Our client also must now endure the inconvenience of getting bids from contractors to repair/replace the walls and the flooring -to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Our client has two children, which meant rearranging their house until the flooring and walls can be replaced, all the while wondering if the children would get sick from mold or fungi.

Even though we live in an imperfect world and that crazy things can happen. Our client could have possibly avoided this event by taking advantage of the AC Today Maintenance Agreement.

With the AC Today Maintenance Agreement, you receive a semi-annual comprehensive AC System checkup and evaluation, including the clearing of any drain lines to avoid clogging and any water backups. In addition, should any sort of AC System damage occur, you can show your insurance carrier a copy of the Maintenance Agreement. This will work in your favor during the claim process as you demonstrated a commitment to proper maintenance.

You can also take steps yourself to ensure proper maintenance as well as optimum AC System performance -especially replacing your air filters every month or so.  If it’s true that “a stitch in time saves nine” then the same holds true for your AC System as we head into the peak Summer heat.

Please call AC Today or stop by our headquarters to have a cup of coffee or iced tea to speak with our Maintenance Agreement Specialists!