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While living in Florida, we all know that the days are hot and the nights get warm and humid. But what if we told you that your attic can reach record high numbers? With the sun beating down on your roof all day long, no wonder the temperatures can reach over 200 degrees. The problem is that if you do not have the adequate amount of insulation in your attic, then you are increasing the risk of hot air blowing into your home. This could be a serious problem.

The attic is considered extra space in the house that is used on a daily basis. Everyone normally uses the attic space to store treasured items and Holiday supplies. However, nobody really spends a lot of time there so it does not have to feel comfortable to be in. The importance of the insulation is to build a barrier that protects your home from the blistering temperatures outside. This is also why it is important to maintain your system to ensure that all areas are functioning properly and maintaining the way everything should be working.

When a house is built, an Air Conditioning company installs a new AC system. While in the attic, that company will also spray the surroundings with insulation. The insulation acts as a barrier to trap heat out of the house, keeping your home nice and cool. However, if your insulation is torn, thin and very old, the effectiveness is very limited. After a few years, you should check the insulation to see if it needs to be replaced.

There are various kinds of insulation that are being used today. The most commonly insulation used is made from glass or rock. The objects get melted and the fibers get spun into little thin strands bonded with a chemical to keep them together. Then they can create rolls of insulation for you to install directly into your attic. Another option for your AC company is to install a foam insulation on the underside of your roof. This type of insulation is a one time install that does not require you to replace. This is a great investment if you are wanting the highest quality of insulation in your home. And although you would be saving money on your electric bills, you would also be saving time by never having to replace it.

If this sounds like an option that you would like more information about, contact us today. Our associates here at AC Today would love to help answer any questions or explain our process to you more detailed. We want to provide you and your home with the highest quality products that will provide the highest quality of comfort.