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Have you ever had a car sit in your garage for a year and never use it? Then when you need to use it, you start it up expecting it to work properly without any issues. This is the same scenario for your heating unit. If you let it sit all year without turning it on every once in a while, then how do you know it will function when you turn it on. By having a heating inspection performed by our technicians at LWR Air Conditioning, we are able to see exactly how the system will handle the cold nights in the near future. There are several aspects that we will inspect to ensure that your system will heat the entire home properly.

HVAC experts have quoted that up to 80 percent of service calls during the colder months are due to lack of maintenance. Those who do not have their heating maintenance checks are left with issues that could have been prevented. With your heating maintenance check, our technicians are also able to inspect any health hazards that could be potentially harmful. Carbon Monoxide is a very serious hazard that is both colorless and odorless. Each year over 500 people die due to exposure of carbon monoxide. The inspections will prevent these types of hazards from occurring in your home.

Here are just a few things that we will be inspecting to ensure a safe heating for the cold days and nights:

Checking the Thermostat
A great way to make sure the heat is accurate is to compare the actual heat coming out of the system to what the thermostat reads. During the test run, we will check every room to ensure that the accurate heat temperature is the same throughout the home.

Checking the ductwork
During the inspection, our technicians will inspect all of the ductwork throughout the home. By not having the proper ducts in your home, you may not be having the right air flow. Also another reason to examine the ducts is to check for leaks, holes or tears. These issues could cause the heat to get trapped in one area of the home instead of disbursing the heat around the home.

Checking all electrical connections
This is a major part of the inspection. We comply with all safety regulations when it comes to the electrical wiring of the air conditioning system. While checking the wires and connections, we are looking for any hazards that may be potentially harmful as well as signs of any complications that have occurred.

Checking, cleaning or replacing filters
We recommend that you maintain your air filter. When the filter shows signs of debris build up or trapped dust and dirt, then it is time to replace or clean it. If your filter is washable, clean the filter, let it air dry and then put it back in.

Checking the system start-up and shut down.
This will make sure that every time you turn on the heat or it cycles off, the system will do it properly.

Lubricating all mechanical parts
By lubricating the mechanical parts, we are minimizing the possibility of wearing out the gears and wheels. This provides all parts to work properly with the help of lubrication.

These are just a few things that we would inspect. We understand that safety is always a number one priority, especially when it comes to the safety of your home. This type of inspection has a great deal of priority. It is our job to ensure that once you turn the heat on, the unit will function properly without any issues.

Whether you have a gas or electric heating unit, you always want to have it inspected at least once a year. Just think, our technicians will clean the heating system, check all controls and electrical wirings and look for potential hazards, all in one visit. We provide you and your family a peace of mind.