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The entire AC Today Family would like to take this moment to wish you and your family Health and Happiness in 2019! We thank YOU and all of our clients for the privilege to serve YOU throughout 2018. Without YOU, we would not be able to do what we love: Keep your homes and businesses comfortable and energy efficient all year long. Remember this as we enter 2019: When you need us, we’ll be there for YOU.

As you consider your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to resolve to prepare your home’s AC System for the year ahead. There are steps you can take to ensure that your AC System is performing at peak efficiency over the next 12 months, which should lead to energy savings as well as a comfortable home.

To that end, here are a few measures that you can take yourself:

Change your AC System Filter. A dirty or clogged Filter can lead to many undesirable issues. However, the two (2) main issues are:

  • Degraded AC System Performance: As your filter collects more debris, airflow through the system will progressively slow down. This can lead to evaporator coil icing/freezing and can also put undue strain upon the fan motor or even electrical components. This could lead to expensive repair bills.
  • Poor Home Air Quality: As your filter collects more debris, the potential for contaminates to be distributed throughout your home increases, leading to possible respiratory and allergic conditions.

Check your AC Filter frequently and stock up on filters to last you the entire Summer since the cost-per-filter is lower when you buy in bulk.

Check your Thermostat/Install Programmable Thermostat.Set your thermostat setting so that your AC System “kicks on” to cool your home.

Put your hand up to the vents (called “registers”) to ensure that chilly air is being delivered to the home. If the air is not noticeably cold, contact AC Today to schedule an ACT First Responder to conduct a full AC System checkup.

In addition, you don’t want your AC System cooling your home too much during the hottest part of the day, especially if you will be at the office or out of town. By installing a digital, programmable thermostat, you can ensure that you save energy – and money – by programming your thermostat to only cool the home when you will actually be at home.

Keep your AC System Clean. Like anything else, your AC System can get dirty over time. To keep it operating at optimum levels, you need to periodically clean the unit. How?

  • Remove plants and other obstructions from around your outdoor condensing section to ensure maximum airflow
  • Clean the air coil in the Condensing Section to ensure maximum heat transfer.
  • Keep the Air Handler condensation line clear of obstruction and clogging from dirt or algae. This will likely require a licensed AC Contractor like AC Today to ensure that the condensation line is clear and the drain pain enables condensation (i.e. water) flows out of the unit

An AC Today First Responder can perform all of the above – and more – when you schedule an AC System tune-up. With an ACT Maintenance Agreement, our First Responders proactively perform the tune-up for you. The best part is that ACT Maintenance Agreement customers get preferred and priority scheduling.

In addition, ACT Maintenance Agreement customers receive First Responder priority status in the event that you require emergency repair or replacement services.

2019 could be the year to replace that Tired AC System: If your AC System is more than 8 years old and seems to be struggling to cool your home, the best time to replace your AC System is NOW. Don’t wait until the peak of Summer to replace your AC System as installation crews are at their busiest. Don’t run the risk of being uncomfortable while you wait to have your AC System replaced. Call AC Today to speak to one of our Installation Specialists. Don’t forget that ACT Maintenance Agreement customers receive preferred AC System replacement pricing and priority scheduling.

If your wallet isn’t ready to pay for a new AC System, not a problem! Give us a call to discuss our Financing Programs. Our AC Today Financing Team can tailor a plan specifically to your budget.

From our AC Today Family to yours, may your New Year be filled with properly-adjusted thermostats and clear airflow!