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Rarely does your home’s Air Conditioning System break down at an opportune time. Even rarer still is when you have money set aside in your household budget for either an AC repair or a complete AC

Here is how the AC Today Financing Team can help upgrade your AC System to more energy-efficient and reliable system without “breaking the bank”:

  • Common Sense Pricing: We at AC Today have built our reputation on providing our customers with cost-effective HVAC solutions. If a system merely needs a simple repair, a simple repair is what we propose and the repairs will be competitively priced. If the cost to repair a system is not cost-effective or if your current system is of such age/condition that additional repairs are likely, AC Today will propose an AC System replacement with Common Sense Pricing. As one of the most successful HVAC installers in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, AC Today has the HVAC system buying power that most other installers do not. As a result, AC Today can pass the savings to our customers. In addition, our AC Today Installation Teams keep installation costs low due to their experience and efficiency.
  • Financing and Leasing Programs: AC Today has partnered with industry-leading financial services providers to offer Financing Plans tailored specifically to YOUR needs. AC today can offer flexible plans that include:
    • financing terms from two years to seven years with fixed or variable payments
    • include the cost of the new system, installation and delivery in the financing program
    • secure the financing with the new AC System itself
    • finance with little to no down payment smooth and easy application process with most approvals granted within 24 hours
  • Improved Efficiency and Reliability: In the case of an AC System that is 15 years or older – even one that is well-maintained – it is typically more cost-effective to replace the system to take advantage of higher efficiency (leading to reduced energy costs) and greater reliability (little to no money spent on repairs). These help to offset a portion of the costs of the new system over time.

Don’t forget that we at AC Today live in homes too. We have to decide when to repair and when to replace – and how to pay for it – just like you do. We get it. Replacing your home AC System has never been more affordable or easier to finance. Call us today for more information or stop by our headquarters to speak with our Financing Specialists!