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Cooling your home may be one of your biggest expenses, when it comes to household bills, besides your mortgage. To keep your home nice and cool, AC Today recommends routine maintenance. However, when maintenance isn’t enough, you should always have a plan for replacement.  Air conditioning estimates are free and are the best way to compare prices between companies. You can ask questions you may have and get to know the technician during that time. Online reviews are a great way to get some third party info on how good the companies you are considering, really are.  When comparing air conditioning estimates, be sure to get a few quotes from different companies to compare brand and efficiency ratings.

When considering to upgrade, replace or repair your system, you’ll want to search for the best possible deal by obtaining estimates from different companies. Not only will you be able to compare prices, but you can also have an opportunity to meet the technician and see how the company presents itself.  At AC Today, our NATE certified technicians have the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions and perform any job requested.  AC Today understand that the best way to ensure you receive a great deal, is by asking the right questions.  Below are some ideas on what questions to ask and what to look for when getting quotes.

Questions During An Estimate

Are the technicians certified?
This is a very important question. Professional companies will have certified technicians on staff. At AC Today, our technicians are NATE certified. NATE certification is a high credential that indicates the technician has the experience and knowledge needed to pass multiple exams. This education is ongoing and always updating, requiring the technician to stay informed on new topics, products and  hands on experience. Having a certified technician will give you peace and comfort, knowing the job is being done right the first time.

What is the cost?
The best thing about obtaining air conditioning estimates from different companies, is that you can choose the best company for you.  Price should not always be the deciding factor, always compare apples to apples, when looking at price.  Be sure you are comparing the same SEER rating, along with brands that are close to the same build quality.  It’s also important to make sure you’re comfortable with the things the estimator is telling you, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Should technology help my decision?
Since many functions within your home have smart capabilities, asking about the best product with the latest technology wouldn’t hurt. There are many aspects of your air conditioning system that can integrate with your current smart features, such as a thermostat. Having an updated thermostat will allow you to program and control features of your system with items such as smart phones, tablets and iPads. The technician should be able to recommend compatible systems with thermostats to provide your home with a budget-saving unit.

Is the company Insured?
Many companies do not hesitate to provide you with documentation showing that they are insured and licensed. However, be sure to check the coverages of the policy and that they hold workers comp. insurance too.  The last thing a you want is an accident in your home with an uninsured company.  Never do business with anyone who is not licensed or insured!

What permits are necessary?
For smooth installation, repairs or replacements, having the proper permits are very important. Protecting you, the homeowner, should be the contractors main goal. During the air conditioning estimate, the technician should be aware of the permits needed to perform the job. AC Today will provide the proper documentation to obtain any permits needed and will coordinate the inspection process after the air conditioning system is installed.

Financial Options
Before finalizing the deal, consider all financing options available to you.  A professional company will provide financing options for your large investment.  When going forward with financing, make sure that the offer is from a reputable financial institution.  You never want to do business with an A/C company that offers you “in house” financing, as this is illegal and in most cases carries a much higher interest rate.  No matter the loan company, be sure to check on guarantees and warranties offered.  Always be sure to look at the terms of the financing option you choose to see if the payment and interest rate is acceptable.  Especially if you are purchasing a brand new air conditioning system.

How long will the installation take?
No matter the job at hand, your technician should be able to inform you of their work schedule and how long the job will take. Your AC Today technician will communicate with our office staff to provide you with our soonest appointment date that will work with your schedule. Our staff will give you a call to remind you of your scheduled appointment.

If you’re considering updating, replacing, or repairing your AC system, be sure to get multiple quotes, having air conditioning estimates from multiple companies is important. You can compare the estimates and make a decision from your best judgement. AC Today offers free air conditioning estimates from one of our certified technicians. Call AC Today for your free estimate today!