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Every person seems to go into a state of panic when things break or stop working. We all ask ourselves the normal questions; Who do I call? What do I do? How can I fix it? Why feel panicked when you can be prepared. The Air Conditioning system is a large component in your home that many people overlook, until something goes wrong. But what do you do if you weren’t the person who purchased the unit in your home? When was the last time you had a maintenance check on your system? If you do not already have an AC company for your services, then we recommend you locating a company in your area. You never know when emergencies can happen.

When you are searching for Air Conditioning companies in your area, do a little research before you just pick up the phone and call the first company that you see in the phone book or on the internet. It is always a great idea to educate yourself about the company that you may be calling to avoid any scams or unnecessary headaches. Here are several tips that will be beneficial to you. Especially, if this area is completely new to you.

Word Of Mouth.
Ask your friends, neighbours, family, etc. Everyone has an opinion about everything, so why not ask them who they use for an AC company. By getting a personal opinion from someone, they are recommending a company who they are comfortable with. They trust the technicians to be in their home with no worries. You could even use that person as a referral if you call the company they use.

Use The Internet.
The internet is a great resource when finding out information about something or a business. You are able to see the company’s website, reviews about the company and even check the services that are offered by that company. A great site to look at online would be the Better Business Bureau. This website allows any person to view real ratings from A-F, about the company. It will provide you with complaints from customers, failed inspections, and how long the company has been in business.

Voice Your Concerns.
Once you have chosen the company you will use, be prepared. Are you needing a maintenance check? Are you having issues with your unit? What are you calling the AC company for? Have all of your concerns ready to discuss with the technician before calling. This will minimize any uncertainty you may have while on the phone.

Inspect Everything.
When the technician is inside of your home performing an inspection, make sure that person is looking over your entire home. If you have an areas or air vents that you are concerned about, now would be the time to inform the technician. That way, when it is time for the installation, they are aware of any issues you may have with the air flow in your home.

Go Into The Attic.
Your attic is the hottest area in your home. On a hot summer day, your attic could hold temperatures up to 150ºF. Without the proper ventilation, the scorching temperatures could be affecting how your Air Conditioner is running. With high temperatures in your attic, the hot air would slowly make it’s way into your home, making your living area warm. Have the technician inspect all areas of your attic to ensure that you have the adequate ventilation.

Compare All Quotes.
Before you sign any contracts, make sure you are happy with the quote you have been given from the AC company. Many people compare quotes from different companies. You should be asking as many questions about the quote as you can. Important things to consider would be the length of the warranty and what it covers, financing options, labor costs, etc. Just because the prices may be lower than others, does not mean it is your best choice.

It is required by law, in the state of Florida, that all businesses who work on your home must have a permit. This would be handled by the company itself, however the cost of the permit is added into your contract. Once the installation or repairs are completed, a county official will inspect the job to ensure it meets the state coding criteria.

Static Pressure Calculator Test.
A professional AC company would be able to perform this test. It is used to measure the duct diameter with air flow. This test will provide the technician with how many cubic feet per minute of air, each room in your home requires. This is a very precise test that is very beneficial.

Manual J Load Calculation Test.
If you are purchasing a new system, you want to make sure that you are buying a unit that is sized accordingly to your home. With this type of test, the technician will be able to calculate the size of unit your home is needing. This calculation is required by law which will also be given in your contract. This is done to minimize AC companies who try to sell you a larger unit than what your house is needing.

Always Get It In Writing!
It is very important to get everything in writing. There is nothing worse than having a technician tell you something and then denying it later because it was not written down. During the entire process from quote to installation, get copies of every change that is made on your contract. This will protect you in the long run if there was ever a miscommunication somewhere.