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Purchasing a brand new air conditioning system could be very overwhelming because of the number of choices you have. There any many things to think about when purchasing a brand new system, what size, what efficiency, what contractor and naturally the amount of what you should spend to obtain the right system. The following are some general guidelines and explanations in making this process easier to understand.

By far, the most significant choice is which air conditioning contractor to hire. You could potentially buy one of the best air conditioner made, but when it’s not installed correctly, it’ll turn out to be a nightmare for you. Word of m
outh can be a great way to begin researching contractors, ask your family members, friends and neighbours who they use. You’ll quickly be capable of finding out if that they had an excellent experience or a bad one. After receiving some recommendations, make sure you still check them out for yourself. The web is really a great tool to determine more about a contractor; you could potentially check Angie’s list, the Better Business Bureau or your regional Chamber of commerce. Take some time to check them out it could save you a large number of your time, money and frustration.

Selecting the appropriate piece of equipment might be very confusing, as a result of the availability of choices out there. Exactly like buying a car, you will find good brands and not so good brands, some made inside the USA and many made in Mexico and Asia. It’s recommended to limit yourself to brands made inside the USA because of the supply of parts. The very last thing you’d want is to have to await weeks for part, in the midst of summer, without air conditioning. The same as choosing a contractor, you must perform some research on what brands get the best reviews. Consumer Reports usually does a reasonably good job on reviewing the “most reliable” air conditioners on the market.

The right size air conditioner must be determined by your contractor, this really is done through the use of a unique formula called a Manual J Load Calculation. The Manual J takes into account such things as: square footage, ceiling height, window area and far more. The load calculation will tell what number of BTUs (British thermal units) are required to maintain the home warm while in the winter and cool during the summer. You may hear the term ton used when sizing an a/c system, 1 ton equals 12,000 BTUs, most homes require between a 2 ton (24,000 btu) and 5 ton(60,000btu) unit. You must make certain your contractor does a proper load calculation; there is no such thing as a “rule of thumb” in terms of sizing an air conditioner.

The Efficiency or SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating will be the following factor to think about when purchasing a brand new air conditioning system. The SEER rating is really a rating given for an air conditioner to let you know its overall power consumption. SEER is comparable to miles per gallon (MPG) in a car, the higher the amount the less energy the item uses. The minimum SEER rating allowed for being installed in the residential application, is 13 SEER, the highest is around 24 SEER. It would be best to take a look at your usage to work out what SEER rating is best for you. It’s not at all times going to benefit you to purchase the highest SEER unit and here’s why. Let’s say you reside in Maine, which has very mild summers, naturally you’re air conditioning system isn’t gonna run as often as someone who lives in Florida. With reduced run time comes a discount in potential saving on your utility bill; someone in Florida will benefit considerably more by buying higher SEER unit. Everything comes right down to return on investment. You’ll want to just be sure you reunite the additional investment for a higher SEER system, in utility savings, over an affordable quantity of time.

Together with choosing the proper piece of equipment, you should be sure that the remainder of the pieces from the system are up to date. Such things as the duct work, electrical wire and refrigerant lines. If you discover that a high SEER unit will benefit you, ensure that your contractor upgrades the duct sizes to fulfill the specifications of the new unit. The refrigerant lines which run from your air handler/coil (inside) to the condensing unit (outside) will also have to match the specs of the newer unit. If either of those important components are the incorrect size, it’s going to prevent the system from running at its designed efficiency. You will have spent good money on a high SEER unit, but never be capable of reap the advantages of the lower utility bill.

An air conditioning system is the largest appliance in your house also it‘s the only appliance that gives you comfort, please take some time to ensure you’re buying the right one.