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Whether it is an odor from cigarette smoke or smoke from a fire, your home will never be the same. Cigarette smoke odor is the hardest to remove from items. It can linger for days or years, depending upon how much smoke was in that location. It can leave a film of residue on the walls and even build up in your carpets. Complete removal is not only stubborn, but time consuming as well. Even though you may never fully remove the odors, you can always minimize them to a controllable level.

With constant exposure to smoke odors, there is a risk for health issues. Second hand smoke is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette yourself. It causes nearly 7,330 deaths a year from lung cancer and 33,950 deaths due to heart disease. The numbers continue to grow as 2.5 million people died of second hand exposure from 1964-2014. This is a large number that can be prevented. Your home plays a large role in your health. Protect yourself and others by keeping your home clean and sanitized. Inhaling harmful toxins lead to future health issues. The air you breathe circulates around your home and through your lungs. To protect yourself, you should first focus on the air within your home.

AC Today has worked with many air conditioning products that help improve the air quality in your home. A recommended product is the Fresh-Aire UV light. This product is widely used throughout the United States. Its’ purpose is to remove the harmful airborne pathogens as well as odors within the home. The indoor air is known to be five times worse than the air outside your home. There is dust, dander, fire smoke, cigarette smoke, etc. accumulating air particles in the home. The Fresh-Aire UV light is installed within your air conditioning systems air handler. The air handler is composed of the evaporator coil, blower and other components. The evaporator coil allows for the heat to be removed and the air to be sanitized at the same time, via the Fresh-aire UV light. By doing this, it will eliminate all smoke odor, dust, pollen, pathogens, etc. This product has helped many homes return to a healthy, breathable environment.

Tips On Removing Smoke Odor

Using an Air Purifier
Opening your windows and doors regularly will not eliminate the odors in your home. If you are an in-house smoker, this is a good option for you. An air purifier will sanitize the air within the home. A purification system works by pulling indoor air through the system, sanitizing it, then recirculating the clean air back into the rooms. The hazardous particles are eliminated from the air. There are many types of air purifiers on the market. However, all of them do the same job. The object is to eliminate bacteria, odors, smoke odor, dust and dander, etc. The REME-HALO is a great product for removing odors.

In the Florida weather, stagnant homes are the first to become overwhelmingly humid. This causes odors to linger longer. A dehumidifier changes the moist air into drier, less dense air particles. The drier the air, the less odor you will have. There are multiple benefits from a dehumidifier. Moist air is difficult for most to breath so this product can be a good benefit. With drier air, your lungs will be able to expand larger and help you breathe easier. Most air conditioning systems dehumidify the air very effectively, however, if you are in a high moisture environment, an added dehumidifier may be necessary.

Washable Fabrics
It is best to remove the odors from fabrics by washing them. Curtains, draperies, pillow covers, rugs, or other cloth accessories should be thoroughly cleaned. The porous surfaces collect the tainted air particles and holds onto them. This is what creates residue and build up on items. Over time, the particles will accumulate and begin to cause stains or discoloration within the fabrics. It is recommended to wash fabric items in hot water with a mild fragrance. Even though you are not trying to cover the items with fragrance, it does help the process. If your fabrics are white, try adding bleach to your cycle. This will help eliminate the stains or discoloration. Most fabrics will return to normal color after a few cycles.

Repair Walls
We may not realize it, but the nicotine from cigarette smoke will stain fabrics, stain your teeth, and creates a film on your walls and ceiling. Have you ever been in a smoker’s home and moved a picture frame? The residue build up will cause your walls and ceiling to stain. It will literally turn the entire wall to a different color. The nicotine leaves a brownish film that is not visibly noticeable until items are moved away from the wall. At that time, you can see the difference between wall colors. The more you smoke in your home, the faster the build up. To repair your walls, it is recommended to wash them first. You can use a store brand cleaners to scrub your walls, or create a homemade product using vinegar and water. Once the walls are completely dry, you can then paint over them or leave them alone. Tthere are products such as Kilz that has a deodorizing primer. This paint will help keep odors and residue off the walls.

Clean The Carpet
To eliminate smoke odors from your carpet, you must shampoo it or replace it. There is no getting around it. Just like other fabrics, the porous fibers will hold onto smoke odors. Over time, your carpet will have an overload of odor causing combined odors to circulate around the home. The more traffic that walks on the carpet, the more odors being stirred up into the air. In return, homeowners are constantly breathing in the hazardous chemicals left behind from cigarette smoke or fire smoke. There are products and machines that help to shampoo your carpets. You can normally find these at any local hardware store.

No matter how hard you try to remove smoke and other odors from your home, it can be very difficult without using the proper products. AC Today has certified technicians who specialize in air quality, we can help protect you and your helth. That’s why there are products that can assist your air conditioning system to minimize or eliminate pollutant particles in the air. Our technicians can help you choose the best products you may need to solve an odor, dander or allergy problem in your home.