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Seasonal allergies are a serious problem for many people during certain times of the year. Seasonal allergies are a serious problem for many people during certain times of the year. However, there are millions of people who have year-long allergies, throughout every season. How you handle your allergies is the biggest issue to overcome. There are many over the counter and prescription medications you can take to relieve the symptoms and reactions you may be having caused by allergens in the air. But what about preventing allergies inside your home? Have you ever thought about installing new filters or other products such as the REMO HALO air purification system? There are also products on the market today, that involve the use of ultraviolet lights to kill pollutants within the air. These products can be installed by your local air conditioning company.

The air you breathe is contaminated with odors, fumes and other harmful particles. These molecules in the air, can cause harm and damage to your respiratory system and may even cause death. As scary as that sounds, there are many products that can help prevent your home from harmful air pollutants. At AC Today, there is a product we highly recommend for those who suffer from any type of allergies. Fresh-Aire UV is an ultraviolet light that kills microorganisms as air is cycled through your air conditioning system. The whole-house system is the best option as you are reducing the airborne contaminants throughout the entire home. Every room will be sterilized and sanitized with the help of Fresh-Aire UV lights. For more information regarding the Fresh-Aire UV products, see our Products page or talk with a technician today.

Helpful tips to minimize allergies around your home

Fresh-Aire UV Lights
This is a product highly recommended by air conditioning companies. This product is a UV light that kills germs by disrupting their DNA. This prevents germs from reproducing, which then kills them. The light is installed directly inside your air conditioning system. Microorganisms and odors are eliminated when the air cycles through the light within the system.

Air Filtration
Choose a system or air filter that utilizes a small-particle HEPA filter. This type of filter allows the dust and dander to be caught when passing through the filter. It will significantly minimize the amount of air pollutants flying around your home. Many people with allergies or breathing issues use this type of filter.

Kitchen Stove
Install a vented exhaust fan. This allows the fan to remove fumes and odors from your kitchen while cooking. It will even reduce the moisture up to 70%, while using the stove.

Invest in dust-mite covers for your mattress, pillows and box springs. Clean your sheets and fabrics once a week, in hot water, to eliminate any dander or other buildup accumulated on them. You should not have to worry about allergies while trying to sleep.

Excessive Clutter
Creating piles around your home of various items have only created larger piles of dust and debris. Dust settles where there is little movement. That is why you can see it accumulate over time on top of tables, cabinets, etc. Remove unwanted items and clean your home regularly. This will help eliminate buildup.

If you notice your allergies are from a pet, you can try over the counter products before removing the pet from your home. There are pet friendly products that minimize shedding with most animals. Keep your pets clean. The amount of dander and pet hair will reduce significantly with proper pet care for your pet.

Stay Fresh
Air out your home every once in a while. Open a few windows or doors when the weather permits. Circulating fresh outside air will not only keep your home feeling fresh, but it will also eliminate most of your air contaminants. This is because the cycled air is constantly moving around your home. However, if the pollen count is elevated outside, wait until another day to freshen out your home.

Vacuum Frequently
When you have large amounts of carpet in your home, it is wise to vacuum frequently. The dust and dander build up that accumulates within the fibers can cause great harm. Every time you walk on the carpet, you are stirring up molecules into the air.

Low Humidity
Dehumidifiers are great for removing moistures from the air. When you can keep the humidity levels below 50%, you will decrease the chances of mold and mildew buildup. If you are concerned about the humidity within your home, you can purchase a humidity gauge from any hardware store. Talk with your air conditioning specialist for more information.

Cigarette Smoke
Did you know that cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals? Second hand smoke is a leading factor is respiratory issues. Breathing in harsh chemicals, whether you are the person smoking or not, is very dangerous for your body.

The air you breathe does not have to be as dangerous as scientists have proven. With the help of air purification systems and HEPA filter options, you can eliminate the harmful pathogens that are constantly circulating around your home. AC Today has technicians who are trained and qualified to install the Fresh-Aire UV and REME HALO air purification system. Let us help you eliminate the air pollution in your home.