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We all know what it feels like to turn the air conditioning temperature low and cozy on the couch under a blanket. As nice as this sounds, it is also a remedy that your Doctor may recommend. A good night’s sleep. After visiting your Doctor, he/she may recommend you get a good night’s sleep. That normally comes with peace and quiet and getting nice and cozy. Often, a nice bowl of soup can help you, but nothing beats sleeping with your air conditioning system on low.

Studies highlight a few reasons as why many individuals sleep in cooler weather with a heavier blanket. That is because we want the comfort of being cozy while the air conditioning system is providing cool air. Florida’s heat can take a toll on you, especially if you are not feeling well. Walking into your home with the air conditioning temperature set between 68-72, provides you with instant satisfaction. You can grab your blanket and cozy up anywhere in your home.

Relaxation is crucial to your well-being. Sleep is what creates your lifestyle habits. If you are not getting enough sleep, the following day may be harder than others. You may want to push the snooze button a few times to get those extra minutes. Instead of snoozing more, get up when your alarm goes off. This will wake your body and start your day off balanced. The more you hit the snooze button, your body tries to go back to sleep mode, until the alarm clock turns back on. Your body will think it didn’t get enough sleep, resulting in headaches, body aches and extreme fatigue.

Air Conditioning Sleep Aid

Tossing and turning in bed because you’re sweating, isn’t what anyone wants to go through. Nobody wants to have that sticky feeling, in the middle of the night. We even get into bedtime routines to help us prepare our bodies for sleep. Dark rooms, no noise or distractions and even a warm beverage at night can help. No matter what your nightly routine is, it all falls down to the temperature. If you are too warm or too cold, your body will become uncomfortable while sleeping. This will cause you to toss and turn, all night. It may even wake you up to adjust the blankets. That’s why, you need to figure out a temperature that fits your personal nighttime desire.

Tips For A Great Sleep

  1. Before going to bed, take a cool shower. This will help your body adjust to the temperature within your home.
  2. Place a cup of ice water next to your bed. If you wake up feeling warm, take a few sips of the cool water. It will help relax and cool down your body before going back to bed.
  3. When we are sick and feeling hot, a cool compress always does the trick. Place a wet towel on your head for a few minutes. This can bring down your body temperature. It also helps for when you are sick or have a fever.
  4. Ditch the comforter. When your body becomes too warm, a thin sheet can do the trick and still keep you covered.
  5. Fans. We all love fans. AC Today recommends fans to help keep you cool. Instead of cranking down the air conditioning, sometimes all you need is a fan to circulate cool air around your room.
  6. Choose cotton. Sheets made from lightweight cotton are breathable and great for airflow in the bedroom. Satin sheets may feel smoother, but cotton sheets are the way to go for a better night’s sleep.
  7. Loose clothing can help minimize the sticky feeling. It provides room to breathe and eliminates night sweats.