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At AC Today, we’re continually asked to explain an AC System’s Factory Warranty and how do to keep it in effect.

You have a newly-installed or recently-installed AC System – and the peace of mind that comes with it. You can rest easy knowing that our AC Today Installation Specialists have installed an AC System tailored to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs and one that is more efficient than the AC System that preceded it. You also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your AC System is protected by its Factory Warranty should the system unexpectedly fail or require repair.

What is a Warranty? A Warranty is a unilateral contract that provides assurance in the event something was to happen to the product, the manufacturer or business will cover all repair costs and/or component replacement. Warranties are very similar to insurance policies. These warranties offer great options if you meet your obligations or conditions under the Warranty language. An example of a condition would be that the AC System must be installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. (This is a yet another good reason to have the AC Today Specialists install your AC System.)

Each AC System manufacturer offers its own unique Factory Warranty. It is important to read and understand your particular Warranty and what you need to do in order to keep it intact. Despite the many different Factory Warranties, here are a few common conditions that you will likely find within your Factory Warranty:

  • Have Your AC System Installed by a Licensed HVAC Professional. Even though this sounds like a common-sense approach, there are those who try to save money by having a non-licensed contractor install their AC System or even attempting to install it themselves. AC Systems are complex mechanical systems that require skills and experience to properly install. Furthermore, you should protect your interests by engaging an HVAC contractor that is licensed, insured and bonded. If the company you are about to hire is not licensed, insured or bonded, you run the risk of voiding your Factory Warranty – not to mention being saddled with a poorly-installed AC System. Be sure to read your Factory Warranty for details.
  • Register Your AC System with the Manufacturer. Like most contracts, a Factory Warranty has a term – the period of time when the Warranty is in effect for your AC System. Manufactures require that you register your system so that the manufacturer can confirm the installation date and set the “effective date” for your Warranty. If you fail to register your AC System, the manufacturer will have no choice but to start your AC System’s effective date at the date the system was manufactured. This will cost you weeks and possibly months of Warranty coverage. In addition, should there be a recall or default with the product you have, you can be notified by the manufacturer. Most manufactures make it quite easy and convenient to register your AC System online or by mail. Your AC Today Installation Specialist will provide you with all of the AC System information (model numbers, serial numbers, etc.) that you will need to complete the registration. Be sure to read your Factory Warranty for details.
  • Properly Maintain your System. One of the easiest ways to void a Factory warranty is to neglect your AC System. Most Warranties require you to provide proof that your AC System has been properly maintained. You can refer to our Blog for steps you can take to keep your AC System in working order. The best way to maintain your Warranty is to purchase an AC Today Maintenance Agreement. Again, you want to ensure that your AC System is repaired and maintained by a Licensed HVAC Professional. Be sure to read your Factory Warranty for details.
  • Only Use Factory-Authorized Replacement Parts. Again, this seems like a common-sense practice. However, there are those who will attempt to use after-market or used replacement parts to save money on AC System repairs. Manufactures only test and certify their systems with approved components and parts. Installing non-approved replacement parts will likely void your Factory Warranty. Be sure to read your Factory Warranty for details.
  • Maintain Good Service Records. Keep all AC System service invoices and receipts. Also keep your AC Today Maintenance Agreement in your files for quick reference. Producing a copy of your Maintenance Agreement will often lead to a quick approval on a Warranty claim.

Knowing what is required to keep your warranty in good standing is very important. You would not want to accidentally void your HVAC warranty because of something that could have been avoided. Again, BE SURE TO READ YOUR FACTORY WARRANTY to understand your obligations. If you have any questions regarding your AC System Factory Warranty, please call AC Today or stop by our headquarters to speak with our Warranty and Maintenance Agreement Specialists!