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Today more than ever, people are turning to social media to help with common thermostat issues in their home. However, when searching for answers you may not know what to believe on the internet. With many thermostat myths going around, it is important to receive your information from a reliable source. At AC Today, our technicians will provide you with the proper information for you to achieve the best comfort in your home. When it comes to cooling or heating your home, don’t fall for the old-wives tales or urban legends. Let AC Today help clear up some confusing thermostat myths.

Here are five of the most common thermostat myths our technicians have handled:

Leaving the temperature constantly the same.
This is the most common thermostat myth. Many homeowners believe that if you leave the thermostat the same temperature all day and night, you will be saving electricity. This is false. It takes less energy to cool down a warm room in your home than it does to maintain a constant degree. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to achieve better comfort around your home without using more electricity. You could set the thermostat back a few degrees, but be careful not to set back too far, as the system may struggle to cool your home down if set back is more that say 3 degrees on a super hot day . You could also benefit from dressing accordingly to the weather. If it is hotter outside, you may want to dress lightly. This would be the same scenario for colder nights. A blanket or heavier clothing material will help keep you warmer.

The higher the temperature, the faster the heat.
This is definitely a thermostat myth. Not only does this method increase the amount of electricity used, but will also cause stress to your air conditioner. By forcing your system to produce heat quickly will only force your unit to work much harder than needed. You could keep the warm air registers clear from blocked objects and cleaned. This will provide your home with a warm air flow. Another great suggestion would be to reverse the ceiling fans. By reversing your ceiling fan, you are allowing the heated air to blow towards the floor. This is what circulates the warmer air around your home.

A programmable thermostat will save me money.
This is an interesting thermostat myth, which could be considered as both true and false. A programmable thermostat is not a magic device. It will only save you money if you are utilizing it properly. By setting your thermostat to unrealistic temperatures, your thermostat will not save you money. The colder or warmer you have your thermostat set to, the harder your system will work to maintain that degree constantly. However, by using the recommended temperature settings, you could save over $180 a year (according to Energy Star).

If my house is not cold, my thermostat is broken.
Another common thermostat myth. When your home is not reaching the proper temperature setting, people normally put the blame on their thermostat. That may not always be the case. The issue could be within your household ductwork or an equipment problem. It is common to think it may be your thermostat, since it controls the temperature settings. Ideally, if your air is not achieving the proper temperature, then your first conclusion would be to buy a new thermostat. Before you go out to purchase a new thermostat, contact us. Our air conditioning technicians will inspect and diagnose your system to ensure proper functioning.

The location of my thermostat is not important.
Where you thermostat is located in your home does have a significant impact on your temperature settings. Your thermostat should be ideally placed in a convenient area such as hallways or bedrooms. This will help provide easy access for you to control the comfort level around your home. We recommend not installing your thermostat in locations where there is direct sunlight, appliances, air vents or other drafty areas. This will deter your thermostat from being able to read a precise temperature in your home.

As air conditioning specialists, it is important to provide only the truth to our customers. These common thermostat myths have raised many questions regarding the topic. Since the thermostat is considered one of the most important roles of your air conditioning system, why not know the truth behind the thermostat myths. For more information regarding thermostat myths, call our office today.